Company Profile

Company Profile

As a pioneer of custom database and internet development solutions, JUMP specializes in research, analysis, design, construction, and implementation of strategic information systems using ” Internet Technology.”  Such systems include search engines, intranets, extranets, electronic commerce applications and hybrid systems typically utilizing database management systems as a foundation.

As e-commerce and online marketing redefine traditional business models, successful companies will rely on the accurate, real-time accumulation of useful data utilizing leading edge tools like OPTUX.

Our consultants come from a variety of technical backgrounds including, database integration, multi-platform compatibility, software development, web systems development, multimedia, network administration and firewall security.  Each member of our team is committed to improving your IT resources.

Mission Statement

JUMP’s mission is to ensure that “The JUMP Network” and our customers exceed their goals and improve their core business through the wise application of technology coupled with effective multimedia marketing.