Corporate Profile

JUMP INTERNET is a privately held company.

Based in McLean, Virginia USA, JUMP INTERNET develops, markets and deploys adaptive, modular database technologies.

A leader in Internet business solutions, JUMP INTERNET has built a broad base of Internet solutions ranging from vertical portals to clickstream data webhousing applications.

JUMP’s business is strategically partitioned into two complimentary divisions, the Internet Properties division and the Internet Solutions division. The Internet Properties division is a growing group of synergistic Internet businesses positioned to take advantage of rapidly developing web marketing business models and key vertical markets. The Internet Solutions division continues to develop and market unique applications in search engine technology, portal development, and clickstream data webhousing.

JUMP’s financial goal is to increase corporate equity through further development and enhancement of key vertical properties and to increase operating cash flow by continuing to offer enhanced solutions to Government, Corporate and Private enterprises.

PO Box 9251
McLean, Virginia 22102PHONE
(703) 893-9852

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