Case Study: Bureau of Land Management

Customer: U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management

Problem: Security issues at a federal monument.

Solution: Develop interactive web based security solution.

A federal monument in the midwest needed to bring their security system up to 21st century standards. JUMP developed a web integrated security solution that allowed security cameras to be controlled and monitored via the internet. The turnkey solution involved installing new security cameras including a state of the art infra-red night vision camera, as well as a camera with a pan, tilt and zoom feature. It also involved custom writing software which enabled the pan, tilt, zoom features to be utilized via the internet.

JUMP successfully increased the level of security at the monument. The U.S. Marshall Service and monument supervisors now have a bird’s eye view from anywhere in the world.

NOTE: For security reasons the location has not been disclosed. If your office would like more information about this particular solution please contact a JUMP representative directly at (703) 893-9852.