Corporate & Government Internet Access

Maximize your time on the Internet!With millions of  bits of data being exchanged every minute over the Internet, reliable access is essential.
JUMP offers several different Internet Access packages so that you can pick the one that is right for your company or government office.

Internet Access options range from the most common method using digital T-1 lines to dedicated corporate access using fiber optic cables and microwave signals.

Improve your employees productivity by providing dial-up access to your corporate LAN for staff on the road. Call a JUMP representative to learn more about comprehensive network connectivity solutions.
Business Full Time Dedicated Access:For customers requiring high capacity connections to the Internet, JUMP offers a full range of affordable, high quality dedicated access programs through our Internet Service Provider partner LAN2WAN Internet.  Our Dedicated Access solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any company or government office. Options include:

Dual 28.8 Kbps (56K effective)
ISDN up to 128K
DSL, (aDSL or sDSL)
T-1, T-3; and
FNS (Fast Network Services) at 10Mbs to 100Mbs.