Getting Started on the Web

4 steps every business should take today: Register your domain name now

Put a Web home page on line.
Get feedback from your home page via e-mail.
Put your e-mail and Web addresses on your business cards and in your ads.
Step 1Reserve Your Domain Name Now!
If your domain name is available, we strongly recommend you register it as soon as possible. If your first choice is not available, you should consider another version of your company or product’s name.

Check to see if your domain name is available by clicking here.

If you don’t stake your claim today, there’s a good chance someone else will register your name, making it forever unavailable to you.

Your domain name is your company’s identity in cyberspace.
Ours is Others you will recognize are,, and A domain name is much more than a vanity license plate or easy-to-remember 800 number. Your domain name is your company’s sign post and address on the Information Superhighway.

This is something your business should do now!… Domain names are being gobbled up at the amazing rate of over 150,000 per month. Proctor & Gamble alone has registered over 1,600… (who knows more about marketing than they do?).

Jump Internet can quickly and economically register your domain name .

Contact a representative of JUMP at (703) 893-9852 to learn about easy and affordable web site development programs.

Step 2
Put www.YourBusiness on line!
If email is like FAX, then the World Wide Web is like a huge, interactive Yellow Page system where everyone in the book has a full-page display ad called their “home page” or “website”. To have JUMP develop your web site for you click here.

The web’s commerical use is exploding. Each day more and more businesses discover the Web to be an excellent medium for expanding market outreach and containing costs.

Your WWW presence can cost from less than one hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to develop. How much should you spend? Our advice: start small. But… be ready to expand rapidly!

Even a simple home page can be seen and accessed by virtually anyone, anywhere in the world. If you have specific products or services, they can be presented on additional pages, which are linked to your home page. This way, anyone who visits your site can browse or surf from page to page to learn more about your company and its offerings.

Yes, we can do much more for you than that over the Web. We can provide multimedia (audio and video), extensive interactive catalogs and online order fullfilment using secure credit card transactions.

A successful web site takes far more than just programing and creativity. It’s not a case of “if you build it, they will come.” You’ll need to mount a substantial promotion campaign if you expect a large number of visits or “hits”.

Why not start small, and expand as your experience (and results) increase? That is what Jump Internet’s full range of services offer. A smooth, expandable and affordable way for you to gain full access to business on the Information Superhighway. From basic websites to complex online catalogs with automated credit card processing, Jump Internet has the service and support you will need to succed on today’s competitive Web.

Jump Internet offers only full domain name accounts. Your own domain name allows your site to be found as instead of This can be very important in establishing or expanding name recognition for your company or product. Reserve your domain name now, click here.

Step 3
Get feedback from your home page via e-mail.
While electronic mail and the Web are each valuable tools, putting them together gives you something even more powerful. To learn more about JUMP’s e-mail solutions click here.

When a prospective customer is browsing your web pages, there are places on the screen where he or she can “click”. Some of these are links to other pages on your web site, but others can activate electronic forms.

Even the simplest form can be extremely valuable to you. For example, a form might include an area where your customer can enter a simple message. This might be a request for information, for example. As soon as he enters this message, it can be immediately and automatically forwarded to you via electronic mail, or even fax if you so choose.

The message arrives on your desk within seconds of your prospect’s inquiry. This immediacy means you can respond before his curiosity wanes or is captured by your competitor.

Forms can even be linked to your invertory data base or offer complete on-line ordering systems with secure credit card transactions. Jump Internet offers all of these solutions to your online business needs.

Step 4

Put your e-mail and Web addresses on your business cards and print ads.
Our final suggestion is to start printing your email and home page address (URL) on the business cards of everyone in your company and in all of your advertising.

No matter if you’re in the most conservative or low-tech business; the time (and costs) are right. You’ll be amazed at how many people recognize these addresses for what they are and recognize you as a leader in your industry for having them.