Online Stores for Small Businesses

E-commerce is buying and selling over the Internet, banking, stocks, stereos, t-shirts: wholesale or retail; business-to-business; and business to consumer. It’s the fastest growing segment of the Internet.

JUMP offers a few different e-commerce approaches:

Simple web stores, as described below
Advanced web stores which include a consistent look and feel of your main web site. See the MCR solution overview.
Corporate online shopping solutions for web based businesses. Learn more by reviewing the corporate e-commerce area of our web site and preview the overview.
Your customers expect you to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In a global economy it’s necessary to be accessible around the clock for your international customers.
JUMP offers a simple approach to getting started with e-commerce. You can do business over the Internet in as short as a couple of weeks.
JUMP e-commerce service provides hardware, software, communication and network services you need to create, maintain and operate a 24-hour online catalog, ordering and fulfillment center.  Grow with JUMP e-commerce.


Simple web stores allow you to do business online inexpensively now and then escalate your online store as your business grows. It’s fast, easy and simple. JUMP provides all of the necessary tools to get you started right away.

Here are a few customers that are currently using JUMP’s simple web store:
Hard Times Cafe. A Washington, DC area chain of

Aquatic Creations. A store that specializes in fish, aquariums, and