Search Engine Solutions

Do you want to add a search engine to your site, click hereGetting listed in the major search engines is the single most important aspect of web site promotion for small businesses. JUMP offers three options to choose from:

Paid small business registration, click here
Our individual promotions make certain that your site is accepted for review by as many as 200 search sites. Choose from one of the following promotional packages.:

Submit to 50 sites $89.95, click here
Submit to 100 sites $159.95 US, click here
Submit to 200 sites $299.95 US, click here
Paid search engine placement consulting, click here
For businesses that recognize the importance of search engine placement. Small business programs start at $250 per page.

Free website registration, click here
We offer small business owners the opportunity to enter their website address in as many search engines and directories as they’d like themselves for free. Here’s a list we compiled. Just start with the ones that look interesting and keep good notes of where you’ve registered so you can followup.