Web Site Hosting

Web HostingJust as your company grows, so must your web hosting.  At JUMP we provide scalable web hosting solutions for today but plan for tomorrow.  Our services range from simple “Turnkey” virtual servers, to a fully customized UNIX – Apache server.

Virtual Servers – Virtual Servers make it possible for your web site to be hosted on the same physical computer as other web sites. The server is completely maintained and managed by our engineering staff; thus making it a perfect solution for a small business.

Co-located Servers – With a co-located server your computer is housed at our “Data Center.”  You maintain control over all aspects of your web solution using JUMP’s Internet access point.

Dedicated Servers – Large corporate web sites may require multiple dedicated servers which share the load amongst themselves as the traffic increases.  With a dedicated server, you have total control without having to worry about the hour to hour management of the server.  Our expert engineers provide the remote management of the server pool.

JUMP’s Web Hosting services include shared UNIX, Macintosh and Windows NT servers.  All Virtual Servers run the Apache Web Server, the fastest most reliable server in existence.  Apache servers currently host more than 1.5 million commercial, governmental, and educational web sites.